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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Recording Studio Pt. 1

Recording Studio Pt. 1
I have been writing music for about eleven years now, starting at the age of fourteen. Though I never really took it seriously until around the age of nineteen. Extenuating circumstances and landed me in a position where I had all the time in the world to think and write new songs on a daily basis. Prison being one of the hardest trials I have been through, provided two saving graces, a feverish need to write my life in song, and a desire to bring my story to the forefront of society. This time alone, so to say, allowed me to develop a unique writing style and sound.
Never have been to an actual recording studio before, my first priority upon my release was to start recording as much as I could. I didn't know where to start, I had never even seen a recording studio, let alone stepped inside one. I dedicated my days to researching every studio in town, taking to it like a job. With a something as simple as a studio, you think the decision would be simple, and take no less then a day or two. I wanted the best I could get and felt I deserved nothing less. Many trips and tours of recording studios were fruitless efforts.
Money was tight; booking time, recording, and production work was expensive and seemingly impossible to get. All hope had seemed lost and I had recently taken a job at a restaurant and had lost my focus on my passion, music. While working there I had befriended a co-worker that claimed he recorded and produced music. After talking for a few weeks and willing to take the risk of recording at someones house, I scrounged up some money and drove over after work one day.
Stepping inside his living room through a sound proof curtain, what I saw was more than expected. He had turned his living room into as close to a recording studio as you possibly could. Sound proofing walls, the ceiling, having better than entry level equipment, and a work station that utilized PRO TOOLS 9; I was amazed at how seriously he took his craft. After talking about what I wanted to work on and how I wanted it to sound, he began to setup "the booth".  Waiting and looking around the room, I notice a photo frame displaying a degree. Upon further inspection I realize it is an Audio Engineering degree received from GTCC.

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